Legal Benefits of Marriage in India 

Legal Benefits of Marriage in India 

Why should one get married? The most asked question is when you suggest someone get married. “Finding someone to share your life” is the first response, what if your partner is bringing legal benefits along with them? Current youth is quite afraid of the idea of marrying someone as it comes along with responsibility. However, India’s first-ever matchmaking show has made it easier for match finders to find their perfect match online. 

If you are someone who doesn’t like to think emotionally, we are offering practical excuses to marry someone. Instead of thinking of a zillion reasons not to get married, we are giving you enough legal benefits of marriage in India to get married through India’s best matrimony site. 

4 legal advantages of Marriage in India 

Marriages are not only emotionally beneficial for the couple but also have legal benefits of marriage in India. India’s best matrimony site is here mentioning the 5 major legal benefits of tying a knot. 

  1. File Tax Together

The marital tax benefit is if a partner does a high-paid job and the other one stays at home; they can together file taxes. Couples might miss the chance of enjoying the advantage of reducing two exemption amounts from the house income. 

  1. Marital Tax

The other biggest advantage of marrying is an unlimited marital tax deduction. You have the legal right to transfer limitless amounts to your partner without paying a single penny of tax for the transaction. There are few federal tax laws that help couples to divide the business income among family members without the need to file taxes. 

  1. Government Benefits

After marriage, both partners can take medicare, disability, and social security benefits on each other behalf from the government. Moreover, the government also offers public assistance benefits, military and veterans’ advantages to ease the process of taking special loans for the rest of the family members. 

  1. Financial Benefits

If you don’t have Social Security benefits, your spouse from India’s best matrimonial site can provide them. An old partner of at least 62 years old with a disabled or child younger than 1 year gets the social security benefits. 

An IRA account is a big benefit for a partner who is not working. The working partner with taxable income can support them with an IRA account. To enjoy all the benefits of an IRA, both should first file for joint tax pay. 

  1. Health Insurance Benefits 

If one partner has health insurance in his/her name from their employer’s side, the other spouse is eligible to enjoy the benefits of it. 

Moreover, if any medical emergency happens, health insurance helps the couple to bear the expenses.

Rights to Married Couples in India

Here is the list of “Rights” both husband and wife has in India:

  • Inheritance Rights – Both husband and wife have the right to inheritance. If there is no will and suddenly the other spouse passes away; the partner hto acquiring the will of his/her dead partner. One of the best financial benefits of marrying someone. 

Inheritance rights give a sense of financial security just in case of such a difficult situation. 

  • Conjugal Rights – Both husband and wife have the right to withdraw from their partner’s society without any reason and still stay together. No one can bind them to live under certain societal norms as the prospective candidate can approach the court for the legalities. 
  • Children Legitimacy – Children born out of marriage are considered legitimate. Such children hold all the rights in the will of the couple. 
  • Right to Streedhan – A wife has the right to streedhan. It includes the gifts, money, and token of love given to her before and after marriage. All the gifts, money, and jewellery belong to the wife, even if it is under the custody of the husband or her in-laws. She can go to court just in case of any issue and claim all her Streedhan. 
  • Right to Residence – A wife has the right to live in the matrimonial household of her husband, whether it is an ancestral home, joint family property, self-acquired house, or rented home. Find your partner on India’s best matrimonial site. 
  • Right to Committed Relationship – A Hindu husband is not allowed to marry another girl unless he is legally divorced. Moreover, he can be charged with adultery if his wife found her in a committed relationship with another married woman. The wife has the right to file for divorce on the grounds of the extramarital relationship. This legal benefit of marriage in India gives a sense of secure marriage. 
  • Right to Child Maintenance – Both husband and wife are equally responsible to provide financial support to their minor child. If both of them are not capable, they can seek support from their parents to maintain child expenses. 

Other Benefits of Marriage 

Along with the legal benefits of marriage in India, here are some other benefits for the couple. 

  • Emotional well-being – Finding a suitable partner from India’s first-ever matchmaking show gives emotional stability to both partners. The sense of trust and companionship offers them freedom of emotional expression. 
  • Better physical health – Married couples are more healthy and have a long life span. There are two reasons for better health, first couples encourage each other to live a healthy life, and second, they start taking their medical health seriously as being a responsible partner. Find a person from India’s best matrimonial site who can help you to live a healthy life. 

What do we do?

India’s first-ever matchmaking show makes it easier to find a perfect life partner. To marry a person, love and compatibility are enough. The perfect match gives you enough reasons to stay and grow old together. If you are someone who is more practical nothing is better than sharing your love and financial expenses with a partner from India’s best matrimonial site. Hope, the above legal benefits of marriage in India are enough for you to marry.

Find your partner and share your experience of a happy married life with others. 

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