How Marriage Patterns are Changing with Time in Indian Society? 

How Marriage Patterns are Changing with Time in Indian Society? 

Marriage is such an important institution in India. With technological advancement and modernization, the concept of marriage has changed a lot. Whether it’s about finding the right match through the internet or re-marrying, India’s first-ever matchmaking show is playing an important role in bringing two compatible partners together to live happily after. 

Marrying to fulfill family responsibility to find a partner to live together, there is a huge shift in perceiving the concept of marriage. There is a huge change we can see in the partner-finding process. Now, like making friends online, you can also find partners on online matchmaking platforms. 

Let’s dig in further to understand the evolution of marriage. 

Changes the Marriage Patterns Over the Time 

  1. Changes in the Forms of Marriage: In Hindu and Indian societies, monogamy was the primary form of marriage. But there were other forms too – polygamy, polyandry, bigamy, and marriage by the exchange which over time severely declined by society. Polygamy is the primary form of marriage in Indian society today. 
  2. Change in the purpose of marriage – In old times, marriage was a kind of responsibility towards the family to perform sacred duties. The main objective was to become a kind and protector of the family. But, with the evolution of marriage, the primary objective of marrying someone is changing. Today, it is more about finding the right match to share your life’s ups and downs with a person and live together forever. 
  3. Change in Age of Marrying: Earlier in India, marrying at a young age before 18 was quite common. But over time with modernization and technology, now the legal age of marriage for girls is 18+years and for boys 21+ years. Professional career and education is phishing the age of marriage beyond 25 to 30 years. Today, the youth wants to get settled financially first before finding a partner. At India’s first-ever matchmaking show, we are providing a wide range of prospective candidates from different locations of the world to choose the right one. 
  4. Change in Field Selection: Inter-caste marriages have never been part of Indian culture. Getting parents’ permission to marry a person from a different community was such a task. But with the changing time, parents are becoming more open and accepting towards partners from outside their caste. Moreover, in the past decade inter-religion marriage in India has become quite common.Only one-third of parents are against such marriage. India’s first-ever matchmaking show is open for all types of marriages. Find your perfect partner from any community, any religion, and from any location.

Besides this, the AI of online matchmaking eases the process of choosing a candidate while filling in the details of the desired partner. 

  1. Change in Partner Selection Process –  In old times, parents and matchmakers (pandits) used to find partners for the bride and groom. There was hardly any say of the bride in choosing her spouse. But now, factors like increasing education among girls, urbanisation, financial independence, legal rights for women, etc. resulted in changing the partner selection process. Nowadays, both bride and groom equally participate in the match-finding process.
  • Online Matchmaking 

Online matchmaking processes like India’s first-ever matchmaking show is the new form of marriage and finding a partner using technology. Artificial Intelligence analyses the choices of all the matchmaking account users to find a suitable partner based on preferences. Middlemen like pandits, relatives, and matchmakers are replaced by online matrimonial platforms. 

  • Re-marrying 

Remarrying was taboo in Indian society. Also, with modernization, marrying again has become normal. Online matchmaking has dissolved the stigma and struggle to find a suitable partner again.

  • Type of Family 

India’s first-ever matchmaking show understands the importance of a happy married life and offers a wide range of options to choose a partner. Prospective candidates even can choose the type of family they want to live with – nuclear/joint family. Choosing a family type is the new form of marriage and is an important factor while finding a partner. 

  1. Re-marriage: If you look back in history, there was hardly any concept of remarrying whether the prospect was divorced or a widow. 
  • Divorce Remarriage 

Back in the time, divorcing someone was such a big deal. There was no concept of breaking marriages and remarrying. But over time we have become practical and if the marriage doesn’t work, the bride and groom are ready to find love again. Now, the importance of marriage is different. Online matchmaking platforms help you to find a compatible partner again. 

  • Widow Re-marriage 

If you talk about India, in the old times widows’ remarrying was not acceptable by society. Widowers were allowed to remarry to continue their family lineage. Now, widows/widowers can find a partner again on online matrimonial sites. The advanced AI process helps to filter out the candidates and find a compatible partner. 

  1. Change in Marriage Rites: In India, rites are an important part of marriages. There are variations in rites in terms of religion, caste, and living sectors (urban/rural). In the 19th century, bride/groom-to-be were not allowed to meet their future partner before tying the knot. 

Now with the evolution of marriage, prospective matches meet their partners, spend some time, and learn about each other before tying the knot. Marriages have become more about celebrating the togetherness of two people. 

  1. Change in Legal Rights: There were no strict laws and punishments against child marriage. But now, there are strict laws and the minimum age for marrying a girl is 18 and marrying a boy is 21 in India. 

With the changes in forms of marriage, dowry has become an illegal practice. The government has made strict laws to punish a person who practices dowry in the name of tradition. 


No more running behind Pandits/ Relatives to find a suitable match as online matchmaking platforms are waiting to play your matchmaker. Evolution in the concept of marriage and finding a partner has made it comparatively easy to find a suitable partner. And to find your perfect match fill out the form for India’s first-ever matchmaking show. 

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