What are the Red Flags one should Watch Out before Marrying Someone? 

What are the Red Flags one should Watch Out before Marrying Someone? 

Marriages are nothing like dating, where you replace your partner with a new one after some red flags. Marriage in India is a constitutional and life-long relationship; where two people commit to spending the rest of their lives together. However, there are numerous reasons for your unsuccessful marriage. The best marriage advice is to find out those deal-breaker points before marrying someone. 

It is advisable to get to know your partner before marrying. There are some non-negotiable points that you get to know about after marriage. This constant negligence leads to broken marriages. 

Indeed, you never analyse someone’s behaviour and personality within a few meets. But, there are some points and boundaries that one should consider while choosing someone as their life partner. 

Here are a few common red flags that can affect your marriage in the long run. Check them out and choose your partner wisely on India’s first-ever matchmaking show. 

  1. Make Feel Bad About Yourself 

You deserve to marry someone who never makes you feel bad about “you being you”. Indeed, marriage demands adjustment, but if they want you to change and make all the adjustments solely, you deserve better. 

When you are meeting; the match you found on India’s first-ever matchmaking show, stress about how that match makes you feel about yourself. Suitable partners are all about raising your self-esteem and lifting you, not knocking you down. 

It is the biggest red flag one should look out for before marrying someone. 

  1. Whole Relationship is About Them 

Whenever you are meeting; a future partner you guys are doing what they like only. For example, going to the same restaurant, eating the same food etc. If they don’t bother about your likes and dislikes, the best marriage advice is to find someone who equally appreciates your efforts. 

Healthy relationships are more about equal adjustments and sharing, one-sided efforts can turn it into a happy marriage. Such small issues lead to sour feelings which is the biggest red flag, that you need to search for a better life partner. 

  1. Don’t Get along with your Family and Friends

Marriage is not all about the togetherness of two people only, it is more about the togetherness of two families. While marrying, we all expect our partners to get along well with our family and friends. After a few meetings you and the partner you found on India’s first-ever matchmaking show, should introduce each other to your respective families. 

If they are neither introducing their family/friends nor trying to get along with your close ones; this might be a warning that they are not interested in marrying you. 

Before marrying the prospective match, look for the basic red flags that might turn out to be the biggest regret in future. 

  1. Second Guessing Feelings about You and the Marriage 

Indeed, sometimes it takes time for you and your future spouse to understand their feelings about you and this relationship. As per best marriage relationship advice, your partner should talk about their feelings towards you and this relationship. If they are making you second guess how they feel, the marriage is already in danger. 

In the first few meetings, your spouse-to-be might go out of their way to shower love on you. But, it might wane off over a few months, but this won’t lead to a happy marriage. 

Marriage is not like dating, where there is some space for second-guessing. You won’t marry every day, it is a lifelong commitment. Be clear about how you and your partner feel about each other.

  1. Not Supportive Towards your Life Goals 

Whether it is about talking about your professional or personal goals if they are constantly shooting you down; this is a sign they are not supportive at all. After all, marriage is not all about being there for each other physically and emotionally, it is more about walking together and believing in each other. 

If they call your dreams too big to achieve or laugh your ideas off, they don’t believe in you. Trust me, you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with someone like this. 

Moreover, they should not be jealous of your ambitions or goals, this insecurity grows and makes your relationship unhealthy. The best marriage advice is to get to know such small things about your future partner before marriage. 

  1. Pressure to get Physical 

Getting physical should be the common decision of you and your partner. There should not be any rush when either of you is not ready. A suitable partner won’t force you and be respectful of your choices.

If they are not respecting your boundaries and blindly ignoring what’s important to you. The best marriage relationship advice is to call it off and find the right partner on an online matrimonial site. 

  1. Don’t Take Initiative and Flake our Plans 

If they are not taking initiative, are they even interested in spending the rest of their life with you? When they never ask you out or take the first step towards making you feel special, it is a big red flag. That matrimonial match might not be ready to marry you. 

We all deserve someone who makes us feel special and takes initiative to improve our minds. 

Also, if the spouse is constantly cancelling and flaking out your plans because something came up, do they even want to spend time with you? Sometimes cancelling plans or dates to study or other important work is understandable. But, if they are not taking initiative and also cancelling your plans; you are going to have a tough time after marriage. The best marriage advice is to work on it, if they can’t, find a better partner on India’s first-ever matchmaking show. 


However, indeed we can’t decode one’s personality in a few meets. But, noticing the mentioned red flags can save you from an unhappy marriage. As per the marriage counsellors, the best marriage advice is important to know about the mentioned red flags in your future partner. Finding the perfect match is not as easy as it looks, but the AI of India’s first-ever matchmaking show makes it quite easy for you to do so. 

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