13 Traditional Indian Bridal look for this Wedding Season

13 Traditional Indian Bridal look for this Wedding Season

Have you ever seen any Indian bride? Don’t they look like a walking dream in their bridal look? Indian brides are a sight to see;  decorated with jewellery, ethnic clothes and all the vibrant colours to light up the wedding venue with their glow. India is a diverse country and every region has different customs and traditions for weddings. Also, the traditional Indian Bridal look of the brides is different for each state. This wedding season chooses a bridal look that matches your vibe. 

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Most beautiful Indian bridal look

Here are the most beautiful brides in the world – the Indian Brides. Let’s start with the South Indian Bridal look: 

  1. Kerala Bride in Kalyanam

Malayalees mainly dominate Kerala. And the bride’s side organises the wedding ceremony at their place with a long list of guests. Brides wear a traditional white saree with a golden border which is also known by the name “Kasavu Saree”. 

Kasavu Saree is a traditional attire for women and also the top pick for the Onam festival. Besides this, the South Indian Bridal look is incomplete without gold jewellery. 

  1. Tamil Nadu Bride in Tirumaṇam

Tamil weddings are too much fun with unforgettable memories and traditional activities. Besides this, the big mandapams and the decoration of the wedding venue make them more fun. Both bride and groom complement each other’s looks. The first thing you will notice about the Tamil South Indian bridal look is jewellery. Besides this, the hair is braided elegantly by decorating them with gold jewellery like maang teeka with matha patti and big earrings. 

Brides wear the most popular saree – Kanjivaram Saree and Madurai Silk. Wearing flowers on head enhance the grace of the saree. The multilayer gold necklace completes the look of Tamil brides. 

  1. Punjabi Bride in Vyaah 

Firstly, Punjabis are popular for their lifestyle, food and dance across the world. Sikh weddings are mostly hosted in their religious place – Gurudwara. Punjabi brides wear a traditional salwar kurta with a chuda (bangles). The look is incomplete without wearing jwellery like anklets, armlets, nose rings and maang tikka. Moreover, the traditional Indian bridal look is incomplete without the henna mehndi on the arms feet and hand of the bride. 

  1. Gujarati Bride in Lagan 

Gujarati brides wear a traditional saree in Gujarati style with heavy jewellery. The saree is worn with a front-facing pallu and the saree draping style is commonly known as Gol Saree. 

Usually, a Gujarati bride wears two outfits on their big day: a Panetar and a Gharchola. Gharchola is a bright red saree with the work of zari on it and Panetar is a red, golden and green dots pattern saree. SM Creation has a great collection of such zari sarees.

  1. Bihari Bride in Biyaah 

Firstly, the state and the people are quite famous for their old culture and traditions. Red and yellow colours are found to be very auspicious and sacred at Bihari weddings. 

The bride usually wears yellow/red coloured lehenga choli or designer sarees for their bridal look. 

  1. Rajasthani Bride in Vivaah 

Rajasthan is indeed popular for its heritage, culture and food. But don’t forget their dressing style. Usually, Rajasthani weddings are popular as Marwari weddings where brides wear either the traditional poshak or bright colours lehenga choli. Rajasthani weddings are royal like the state and the brides look breathtaking in the royal Indian bride look.
Rajput poshak is a three-piece dress with a dupatta. Red, maroon, yellow, orange and heavy embroidery work dresses are their primary choice for the bridal look. 

Besides this, the heavy jewellery like a necklace, hathphool, payal, baaju band (armband), waistband, toering etc. completes the royal Indian bride look. Also, the viel covers the face of the bride.

8. Bride in Garhwal 

Both pahadi people and pahadi weddings are beautiful. The Pahadi culture is too old and carries the essence of different Indian traditions. Pahadi weddings area also known by Garhwal wedding ceremonies. 

Pahadi’s call their brides Kumaoni in their language, who wears Ghagri on the wedding day. Ghagri is a skirt-like dress which is matches up with a blouse. Moreover, to complete the royal Indian bride look, the bride wears a Pichora or Rangwali. Pichora is a traditional odhni (dupatta) and gold/silver tatting used to decorate it.

9. Jammu Kashmir Bride in Shaadi 

Heaven on Earth has a beautiful wedding tradition and the Kashmiri brides are a beautiful site to see on their wedding day. Kashmiri brides wear colourful Pehran. Moreover, you can see the Kashmiri thread work and zari work on the Salwar Kameez which truly reflects the essence of the place.

Brides complete their most beautiful Indian bridal look by wearing Tarang, Kalpush, Zoojhis, matching dupatta and heavy jewellery. Besides this, there is also a special ornament called Dejharoo (Mangalsutra). 

10. Maharashtrian Bride in Lagan 

Maharashtra is quite popular for brave kings, rituals, language and food. The primary attraction of the Marathi wedding look is the bride’s Mundavalya. Mundavalya is a string of flowers/pearls tied around the forehead of the bride. Besides this, vadhu wears a Nauvari Saree with green bangles, a half-moon bindi and a traditional nath (nose pin) to complete the bridal look. 

11. Bengali Brides in Bibbah 

The most beautiful Indian bridal look is incomplete without mentioning the Bengali brides. Bengali women usually wear shades of red and white on any auspicious day. 

The Bengali bridal look has a Banarasi Silk Saree with work of zari on it. 

Also, alta is an important part of the bridal look. Using a healthy sandalwood paste, the bride’s decorates her forehead with beautiful red and white dots. Also, both bride and groom wear crowns on their heads. 

12. Manipuri Brides in Luhongba

Manipuri weddings are quite different from other weddings across India. Hence the traditional Indian bridal look is also unique. The bride wears a skirt and a sarong that makes the bridal look stand out. Also, using crown her outfit is attach to her head. And, the complete look is called Potloi – a cylindrical skirt with bold traditional motifs and geometric figures decoration on it. 

13. Assamese Brides in Biya 

The Assamese bride’s dress is known as Mekhela Chador. It is a cream and off-white colour outfit gifted by the bride’s mother to her. The saree is of Moga Silk with a golden and silver thread work on it.

While wearing Mekhela, it looks like a saree but it is two separate clothing pieces. Moreover, To give the cultural assence, a traditional motif is crafted on the saree.

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